Naimah is an Istanbul-based fine and fashion jewelry brand founded by designer Emrah Birkardesler.

Naimah, which means cheerful also variant of Naomi, aims to bring cheer to everyday life with a sophisticated and artistic touch. The designer finds the seeds of joy in symbols and metaphors, which adds a mystical and mythological story to each piece. 

Naimah - Jewelry - Sketchbook

Emrah is a bold designer who is passionate about mixing stories to create his own legend to share with the world. Each piece in his collection comes from past traditions and crafts its own potential. They become complete when adopted by an authentic soul who treasures adding some artwork to their life.

Naimah's collections reflect his fascination with different cultures and their artistry. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, each piece goes beyond the limits of traditional gold jewelry design and manufacture.

Naimah's goal is to empower women by giving them access to unique, high-quality, and affordable jewelry that they can enjoy.